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We hope that you’ve enjoyed a lovely couple of weeks! After a week’s hiatus, we are excited to share a new Hero blog post with you, and a little bit about what we have been up to...namely unpacking new deliveries, and enjoying the quieter pace of Easter here at Hero HQ. 

Every time a new SS16 box arrives at Hero, it is like injecting a dose of vitamin D. We’ve welcomed some beautiful hand embroidered tops, tunics, dresses and bags from one of our favourite brands Star Mela and we’ve all been mentally packing our ‘holiday wardrobes’; we hope you’ll love perusing some of our new products too. 

This week on the blog we’re sharing more of what you love. The response to our ‘favourite Instagram accounts’ post was fantastic, and today we’re sharing our love of Pinterest, how and why it works for us as a business and some of our favourite accounts to follow. 

If like us, you love Instagram, we have a feeling you’ll love Pinterest too. 



Pinterest is a positively thought provoking platform to lose a good few *hundred* hours to! Pinning away like maniacs and getting lost in an array of imagery and knowledge demonstrates how fulfilling it is to be a part of this aspirational, online community. After all, we can’t always have what we want, when we want, so establishing boards to convert our dreams almost to a reality seems the next logical thing, right!?

As a business, our social platforms are an integral part of our marketing plan: Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook each hold various roles within our social strategy as demographics work uniquely across these platforms. Having an online schedule is pertinent to maintaining and enhancing our growth; in-store and online and this is an ongoing process which we truly enjoy nurturing the development of.


Hero is such a visually, creative hub so it’s paramount for us to maintain informative, yet subtle communication with you, our customers and supporters, to enhance awareness of Hero’s fashion and lifestyle personality. We've found Pinterest to offer brilliant foundations for documenting: our favourite current trends; Hero's clothing, accessories & events; inspirational quotes to learn and live by and those beautiful lifestyle coffee shots, because '#ButFirstCoffee' is always on our agenda!


Pinterest's interface is remarkably defined by a lack of sponsored advertising which is somewhat refreshing and perhaps a core reason why the platform has doubled its users over the last three years. 


Today we are sharing four Pinterest accounts with you which have one key aspect in common...INSPIRATION (a word we forever feel rejuvenated by) ~ leave with a spring in your step and struggle not to be whisked away into a whirlwind of endless, aesthetic joy!




Blogger of Fashion, Interiors and Travel

North Yorkshire journalist turned blogger who enjoys writing, drinking tea and enjoying the everyday life with her Mister and children. Kat's boards are bursting full of down to earth happiness ~ you will immediately want to pop over to the Kat Got The Cream Blog.




The Health and Happiness Food Guru

An abundance of pure positivity! Get lost amongst a myriad of delicious recipes, bustling colour and an ambience of realism. 


Award Winning Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger at The Elgin Avenue

Curated perfection down to a 'T'! Monica's plethora of boards encompass various aspects of life you want to aspire to enhance. From beauty & hair styling, to home interiors, to floral tones. You'll want to Spring clean your house after seeing how pristinely crafted these boards are!




A Lifestyle Website dedicated to "inspiring you as a reader to shine brightly in everything you do". Boards upon board of happy go lucky flashes of delight. 






1. As a business it goes without saying that increasing sales is consistently a top priority. However, as much as Pinterest is about demonstrating what's on offer, we feel it's primarily a space for people to get to know you. This takes us back to utilising platforms uniquely and the importance of not saturating followers. Hero has designated boards related to our products + events ~ it's all about striking a balance.

2. Pinterest processes a users' Pin in such a way that their activity is subconsciously documented and pins they may like, along with images from Pinners they are following regularly update on their homepage.  This means that the promotion of individuals, products and businesses can be enhanced through 'like' or 'pinning' recognition. Let Pinterest know what you like! Look at which of your pins are being 'liked' or 'repined' most often and share more!

3. Find a pinning rhythm which works for you ~ we pin in spurts twice daily to increase awareness of our pins on others' home pages.

4. Name images strategically to ensure the titles are SEO friendly and optimise audience attraction ~ don't just state the obvious in photos...what's behind the image? A blog post?

5. Keep your boards up-to-date to maintaining interest. The longevity of content on Pinterest allows for continuous referrals direct to websites. 




Hero's Pinterest is still a work in progress and we'd love for you to follow our journey; watching it grow and develop over the coming weeks and months. At the end of the day it's healthy to be mindful of striking a balance in whatever you're doing ~ Everest wasn't conquered over night hey!


Wishing you a wonderful Sunday and week ahead.

Team Hero xxx 

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