The Hero Team Holiday Packing List + Top Packing Tips


Happy Sunday guys!


We hope you have enjoyed a great week?


With yet more fresh stock arriving in-store this week, we've spent far too much time discussing our current, favourite, fashion finds. In light of this, we wanted to share our holiday vibes with you, in the form of 'The Hero Team Packing List'. 




In our experience, one can spend weeks, months or in some cases, years, visualising and dreaming of the *holiday*....the dream getaway to release the mind from the everyday hustle and bustle of life, allow rest and relaxation, or adventure and activity, but most paramount to some; promise sunshine!



Amongst the excitement always seems to be a bit of stress on the agenda with regards holiday packing...knowing what to pack, how much to take, making sure your bag is X size for holdall luggage, etc.


For anyone holidaying in the UK this is even more of a challenge! Will it rain, snow or shine!? "Do I pack for every eventuality or...!?" The glorious English sunshine often takes us by surprise and when it does, we're sure you'll agree, it's truly magical and for this, we are truly thankful.



Hats off to anyone who has their bag organised a week prior to their travel date! 


At Hero it seems we all leave our packing until the last minute, but we've all vowed to be more organised this year! 










Although we all naturally want to take our entire wardrobe, overpacking is unnecessary and means more washing on the return home which is always painful!


We do want to add that we appear to have forgotten a bikini! Keep your eyes peeled in-store and online over the next few weeks...we have some BEAUTIES arriving very soon!






1. Roll your clothing instead of folding ~ this allows for less creasing and more suitcase space (hurrah!).

2. Pack items inside shoes to keep them extra safe.

3. Pack all underwear in a bag that can be used as a dirty laundry bag.

4. Take a variety of accessories ~ a few well chosen accessories will ensure you're prepared for every occasion and can transform an outfit....fancy flip-flops, a special scarf etc.

5. Have a photocopy of your passport, just in-case you forget it! (It happens!).

6. Wrap liquid items in clingfilm or put them all in a big ziplock bag ~ nothing worse than toiletry spillages!

7. Pack shoes that will go with a number of outfits, not just one!

8. Pack versatile clothing that will mix 'n' match in a number of outfits.




We would love to hear where your travels are taking you this year... What's your favourite destination and we always love accommodation recommendations!


As always, wishing you a great Sunday ahead!


Team Hero xxx



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