The evolution of Hero's shop decor. . .




On the Hero blog this week we're sharing an abundance of imagery, illustrating the evolution of Hero's decor and the power of good Feng Sui.




With time, comes wisdom, and we're incredibly proud of the transformations Hero has witnessed since it first opened its doors in October, 2014.


Hero is almost two years old and throughout this time we've moved into a bigger premises; naturally feeling the need to change the shop decor a few times.


However, Hero's inner personality has never faltered and the Hero experience continues offer 'everyday, effortless style' with a whole heap of Hero happiness.











The start of an exciting journey. . . 


















There's something soul-soothing about moving furniture around on a daily basis, right!?




 APRIL 2015



. . . And then, just 5 months later, an opportunity arose to move into a shop three times the size. . . 








The changing room dream became real! Luxurious and cosy. 









After a busy summer and settling in period, it was time for a spruce...

After spending many hours pinning inspiration on our 'Hero re-decoration moodboard', we decided a little injection of colour was required. We spent a fun Sunday rollering to our hearts' content using Little Greene paint. . .  



A pop of pink, new shelving and the addition of a gold bell-boy trolly continued to enhance Hero's pretty aesthetic.

Laura has been savvy with deco pieces for Hero. . . buying items which are flexible that can be utilised in different areas and transformed at the drop of a hat.








Hero gained additional space at the back of the shop. . . this would evolve to become our creative space. . . 



Chris got to work with his immaculate sign writing skills. . .



And voila! A beautiful area was created to hold our in-store creative events.







MARCH 2016


As the seasons changed it became apparent the Hero's heart wasn't sold on the pink walls (the irony!) and so with paint brushes in hand, the walls reverted back to a clean, crisp white.






MAY 2016


The alcove which once hosted our gold bell-boy trolly. . . 



. . . has been transformed into a Denim corner, ready and waiting for you to find your perfect jeans! Here is Jean Queen, Donna Ida working her magic at our recent Denim styling event (May 2016). . . 




Hero's Feng Sui is an important part of the Hero experience so we will never get bored of trialling and testing furniture in new spaces, placing frames and prints on different spaces of wall or changing the angle of a table 5 times (at least!).




Although there have been distinct changes over time, Hero's gold sparkle continues to shine through each transformation ~ it's all about those small touches. . . gold circular stickers to seal each Hero purchase, gold stickers surrounding our shop front and gold monogrammed mugs for our morning coffee (essential!).



You'll always see fresh flowers scattering the shop; there's a certain charm about filling each area with seasonal blooms.



We often burn our favourite scent; Connock London ~ if we had a pound for every person that mentions how divine the shop smells when they walk through the front door(!).. and we agree, it's unique and delicious, and will forever be our Hero shop scent.


We believe that it's the accumulation of these characteristics which make Hero unique; a sense of elevating the everyday. At Hero we feel it's important to embrace elements which you feel passionate about and share these with others.




We have no doubts that Hero's decor will carry on evolving and the shop's aesthetic will change throughout seasons. But it's important for you to know that Hero's personality always has you at its core; offering unique everyday, effortless wardrobe staples which will set you apart from the rest and make you feel special from the moment you slip them on. All alongside exceptional customer service, those extra finishing touches and a Hero scent which will make you smile.




Gathering together these images has evoked a real sense of emotion. . . you forget how quickly time passes and decisions which once required a lot of energy feel like they were always meant to be. You guys continue to keep us striving for more; thank you for the comments you post over on our social platforms; kind words you mention whilst in-store, and emails which make us gleam from the inside out. 


Until next week... when we should have some exciting Hero baby news to share!?...

Team Hero xxx

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