Welcoming baby Turner! And announcing the guessing game winner...



Good morning!


Firstly! Happy Father's day to all those incredible Dads out there!






We have some really exciting news to share with you today. . .



Those of you who follow us across social media or have visited Hero shop since Wednesday may have already heard, but we wanted to make an official announcement on the Hero blog as this is such a momentous occasion!  



We are super happy to introduce Hero’s newest team member. . .






Laura and family welcomed little Jack into the world on Wednesday 15th June at 6.52am.



We are sure you'll agree, that to say "he is scrummy" is one hell of an understatement!



Laura is doing really well and to quote her exact words:



“I feel like i’m on holiday!”



Jack sounds like one, dreamy baby!



This is a snap of Jack's nursey wall and this quote really sums up a new baby's life...



"The world is your oyster"





A few weeks ago we asked you to guess the gender and weight for your chance to win a Hero voucher. Thank you to everyone who guessed. . . we some winners!


Jack weighed. . . 





As nobody guessed half pounds(!) we are going to round up and down as it's such a special occasion! ~ Congratulations to Isabel Locke and Jo Bascombe! 




No doubt Laura will be sharing some more adorable photos of Jack over on her Instagram account, here. Jack should be trained on how to use Instagram in no-time! 😉





Wishing you all a lovely Sunday ahead,


Team Hero xxx

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