3 Powerful Reasons you should be using Video to help your Brand Thrive on Social Media

Over the past few years video has been creeping to the forefront of importance when it comes to content marketing and is one of the most influential marketing tools across multiple social platforms.  It's an incredibly powerful tool which admittedly takes some time to get to know.


Initial thoughts are often; "but I need a proper camera and expensive editing tools to create successful and engaging video" - thankfully that's not the case at all 🙌🏻.


Having the confidence to put yourself out there is somewhat scary - putting your face in front of the camera and talking without feeling self conscious - eek!... and then you watch it back and think A). do I really sound like that? 🙈 B). I don't look normal when I talk, and so on...We hear ya'! We're our biggest critics. The more your practice speaking to the camera, the more experience you'll gain and subsequently the better you'll become 🙌🏻.



So, going back to the equipment 'know-how'. You really don't need an expensive camera or any particularly fancy tools. Start with your phone. Simple. Before Christmas we (the Hero team) had a fantastic 3-hour mini workshop with Georgie and Heidi who are quite simply put, Queens of their sector. Their knowledge, let alone enthusiasm for video is somewhat addictive. We left the workshop feeling incredibly excited and far more confident to begin our individual journeys into video. 


Today we're exploring what makes video so powerful and why you too, should invest a little time in this exciting and creative outlet to help build your brand.


1. Video engages your audience 

We don't know about but we find it more exciting to watch a short video than read a chunk of text (you may ask why this hasn't been made into a video 😉). Video is engaging, it's versatile and it captures an audience, and no matter how you feel whilst recording a snippet, your viewers aren't half as concerned about perfectionism as you are. Your audience will instantly feel more connected to a face and the personality behind your brand (whether you're a blogger, a small business owner or established brand).


2. It builds trust 

Provide your audience with interesting and useful information - allow them to get to know you and you'll gradually build trust. It's not something that will happen overnight but by taking that step to show your face on camera, you're lending a piece of yourself to your viewers. Viewers are able to connect with you on a more emotional level - they can see your reactions and expressions and will instantly feel more engaged.


3. Video tells the whole story

Often what's in your mind doesn't quite mimic what comes out on paper. With video it's much easier to get your point across in a more well rounded manner. Stay current, on trend and one step ahead of the game.


Meet Heidi, Videographer and Photographer 

Heidi, please tell us a little more about your relationship with video
I first picked up the camera at the very young age of 13 years old and would create short films capturing my crazy ideas and stories after school, spending hours glued to an old PC using basic editing software to upload onto to the very first forms of social media! This was the very beginning of what sparked my interest in video. I then continued to follow this passion and studied it in college and then onto University where I graduated with a degree in Film and Television. Before I had even graduated I took the plunge into the freelance world, keen to start learning on the go, trial and error and forming the all-important key ingredient – relationships with mentors.

Over the past four and a half years I have worked with a variety of production companies plus directly with clients whilst running my own video business; from the big corporates such as Hewlett Packard creating heavily technical content for their global sales teams, to working with local companies producing high-quality promotional videos, campaigns, social media videos and visual content. It has been a life-long journey for me not only career wise, but also with the mind-set and personal learning I have fought to achieve. I am a strong believer that everyone should step outside of their comfort zones (even if it seems daunting and uncomfortable at times) as that is definitely where the magic happens!!

What do you love most about your job?
One of the best parts of my job without a doubt has to be meeting and working with so many different types of people! It has been an eye opening and really inspiring perk of the job to be given the opportunity to take a peak inside of so many success stories and documenting it all on video. I just love how varied it is - one day I would be working in the Hewlett Packard headquarters, and the next day filming in a field documenting how Cider is made with a local farmer. 

What's your top piece of advice for creating video?
It doesn’t have to be perfect – you just need to start! This is honestly my top piece of advice. I speak to so many individuals who worry about what others might think, how their camera skills aren’t very good, or they have no idea how to start. NEVER worry about what anyone else thinks – if you enjoy something, it will genuinely shine through and ultimately bring YOU happiness… whatever it may be. You don’t need the best, most expensive camera when you first start – most of us own a smart phone that we use every single day, use that to film! Start small and simple and work your way up, trial and error are key! Just start, even if you don’t think what you are filming is interesting, others will. Even if you start filming and don’t upload it to the internet straight away it still counts as practice and you will be one step ahead than you where before. I really believe that every bit of video, even the smallest clip tells a story – how amazing is it that we will be able to look back on so many memories in years to come?!


How will guests attending your workshop feel when they leave?

Inspired, assured, a clear path on how to start and ready to go out documenting with a helpful, experienced and really friendly video team behind you!

What's your favourite quote?
“You are never 'too young' to build an empire, and you are never 'too old' to start a new dream”.




You can join Heidi and ex BBC presenter, Georgie at their workshop this Wednesday and learn to take your Insta-stories by storm!









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