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It’s been an electric week in the shop with the sunshine finally making a little appearance and most excitingly, our first Creative Workshop in our very own Creative Space - How to Become a Confident Blogger with The Online Stylist. What a pleasure to meet such an energetic group of entrepreneurial women. Counting the days until the next one!

On the blog this week, Laura talks a little more about building Hero from the ground up and the importance of a great team…

To think there is now a 'real' Hero team is something that never really felt would be a reality - part of the dream, yes. But when and how that would happen was never really part of the plan. I can't say there was ever a moment where I felt "Now is exactly the right time to expand the team"! But as in life, I'm not sure there is really ever the right time for big decisions, is there? Instead, life unfolds in many different unexpected ways and it's how you react that really makes the difference. 



“Life unfolds in many different unexpected ways and it's how you react that really makes the difference”.


At times, the Hero journey has unfolded so fast that I haven’t felt like I can plan the day ahead let alone make any more strategic decisions. But as the business expands and with bigger plans for the future - developing our new event space, settling in to our (now even larger!) shop and on a personal note having a new baby to fit into the equation - now has never been a more important time to have the best team.

In last week's blog post we talked about the Hero brand and the team behind it really is as big a part of the brand as anything else. So today I would like to introduce the people who make it happen...



Meet Emily, Marketing & Events Co-ordinator 

Emily has been a part of the Hero team since June 2015 and has been a huge part of the growth of the business. Emily seamlessly executes all our workshops and in-store events and more recently has taken charge of all of our online initiatives like The Hero Edit and the newly launched blog not to mention all our social media platforms.



First things first, I must share with you my love for leopard print. I also like a cuppa prior to my morning coffee fix.

I live on the outskirts of the Cathedral city of Salisbury (20 minutes from Stockbridge) with my long term boyfriend, Brett and our cockapoo, Mabel. I am a real home bird who loves to be surrounded by family (I am one of three sisters).

In 2008 I started a life changing three years working on private super yachts, travelling the world to various destinations such as Antartica, Scandinavia and North & South America, before deciding to undertake the next, slightly more practical adventure - a degree in Business Management.

I enjoy playing tennis, meeting friends for brunch and seaside walks. I love to cook - it fills my heart and soul with joy and I adore seeing others indulge in my creations.

I look forward to one day having a family and being able to manage a happy, work-life balance - I thrive off being busy, who doesn’t enjoy a new challenge!?

How did you come to work at Hero?

I worked in hospitality for eight years (before and during my degree) which was incredibly eyeopening and took me to some humbling destinations, but eventually left me feeling a little drained; I knew the next chapter needed to offer a happier equilibrium.

I got to know Laura when Hero first opened its doors in 2014 and always admired her ambition and felt inspired by the Hero Start Story. I often wondered what it would be like to be a part of the team Hero environment and I approached Laura whilst Hero was in a slight transition.... A few meetings later, coupled with lots of coffee - I became part of team Hero... Anything is possible! (If you want something you have to go out and grab it - I believe that you create your own fate).

Favourite way to relax and unwind…

A dog walk with friends, followed by a long afternoon relaxing and chatting over good food and wine.

Favourite thing about working at Hero…

Going to work doesn’t feel like work... It’s a joy! I thrive off the exciting challenges we face as a team and the unique bond we share. 


Just for fun…

How do you take your coffee?... Short, 2 shot Americano with cold milk

Who is your style Hero?... Miranda Kerr

Currently reading… Garance Dore’s Love Style Life

What’s on your wardrobe wishlist right now… (more an accessory that will enhance my wardrobe!) Dolce & Gabbana leopard print sunglasses

Favourite Instagram account... @littlelottieloves

Most excited about… What the future holds and the thought of having children

What’s on your playlist… Lapsley, The 1975, Taylor Swift

Two things you hate… When technology goes wrong and letting a tea get so cold that you have to start again!

Best piece of advice you've been given... "Don't regret the choices you make - life carves a path for a reason"

Your goal for 2016… To embark on my own, personal blogging escapade. 




Meet Sarah, Shop Manager

Sarah is the most recent addition to the team at Hero, starting initially at the end of 2015 it very quickly became clear that Sarah had all the right attributes to becoming a fully fledged member of Team Hero and in January became Shop Manager taking control of all the day to day runnings of the shop.

My commute is a short 3 minutes drive into Stockbridge from a very rural spot in the Sombornes. I feel blessed living in this part of the world and have done so for the past 15 years.

I regularly walk my black lab, Willow, on Stockbridge marsh with my girlfriends. I love to play tennis, go horse riding and meet friends in The Greyhound. 

Travelling is in my blood, having grown up in Singapore and Hong Kong, I now love discovering new places in Europe. My three children are my inspiration and joy.

My day dream is to eventually live in a rambling villa in Aix en Provence or even Italy, entertaining friends in the sunshine ~ where my children come to holiday and eventually bring lots of grandchildren for me to spoil.

How did you come to work at Hero?

Laura and I met for a chat over a coffee, I was looking to do something near to home & Laura was starting to think about her imminent expansion, having moved to a larger space, with the thought of adding a new team member to join her and Emily. Having been involved with Interior Design for a number of years, I was sure I could adapt some of these skills towards working at Hero. I was very excited to start for a couple of days a week.  I realised very quickly it was an all absorbing addiction to be part of this forward thinking team and did not hesitate to become a more full time member of TEAM HERO.

Favourite way to relax and unwind…

I love being with my family and friends, usually eating and drinking - given the choice, in the sunshine and with no time constraints. Also nothing beats a long hot bubble bath!

Favourite thing about working at Hero…

The atmosphere and enthusiasm for the day ahead.

Just for fun…

How do you take your coffee?... 2 shots, hot milk, no chocolate

Who is your style Hero?... Ines de la Fressange

Currently reading… The Pursuit of Love by Nancy Mitford

What’s on your wardrobe wishlist right now… The Ring Dress by Sandro

Favourite Instagram account... The lovely @aliceinherpalace

Most excited about… LIFE !

What’s on your playlist… Nothing original... Coldplay and Fleetwood Mac

Two things you hate… Bad manners and strong tea

The piece of Advice you've been given?... "Its all about getting the right balance in life" 

Your goal for 2016… To be Strong and Energetic





Come and say hello over on Instagram...




As employees of a small, individual business we would highly recommend targeting a small business if you're searching for new role...



1. It's a far more personable environment where we have to be completely honest and open with each other. Politics aren't a problem!

2. We get to diversify our skill set by participating in various projects.

3. We have the opportunity to learn all aspects of the business which keeps us in touch with strategic change and long term goals.

4. Our voices get heard, we have the opportunity to contribute and input into key decisions to help grow and develop the business.

5. The community (in store and online) get to know the faces of Hero and likewise, we do too, and we love getting to know you!


Are you thinking of expanding your team? Or, are you unsure as to whether a small business role would suit you? Leave a comment below or pop an email to for a little team Hero moral support.


Team Hero xxx




{Photography by Monica Beatrice Welburn, The Elgin Avenue}.


What a great blog post about team work and I love hearing everyone’s story. I’ve met all these 3 ladies on numerous occasions and I can honestly say they are a really lovely group of ladies. All so welcoming and friendly and the atmosphere in the shop is warm and inviting, not to mention the fabulous merchandise! Emily always greets me by my name, which a important touch and makes me feel like a valued customer. I really love shopping in Hero (and attending workshops!) and it’s a special thing indeed to shop somewhere you feel like you are with friends.

Lisa-Jane Lydon March 13, 2016

It’s lovely to hear how a team comes together. Especially a small team. It’s really hard to find the right people to work with and it sounds like you lovely ladies just all ‘click’
It seems that 2016 is Hero’s year – I can’t wait to see what else you have in store for us

LadyM x

Rachel March 13, 2016

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