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 Good morning!


It's g-r-e-a-t to be back! We've missed sharing news with you guys... hoping that you're all bonny and well?


It's been all systems go in-store this week. We're delighted to welcome Hero's newest team member, Amy Rees, who joins us in capacity of Social Media Intern. Amy's already doing a fantastic job working her magic across Hero's social platforms: Twitter, Facebook & Pinterest.


Wednesday witnessed our first Pinterest workshop with the talented expert, Monica B. Welburn, writer of The Elgin Avenue, and our mid-season SALE started yesterday! Let's be honest, we all love a bargain and we have a fair few in-store/online for the next couple days...don't miss out! 


This week's blog follows 'a day in the life' of Hero's Marketing & Events Co-orindator, Emily...





It wouldn't be right to kickstart a day without breakfast...or at least breakfast thoughts! 


Dream breakfast (when one has ample time):
Avocado; crispy, smoked bacon; sourdough toast, a sprinkling of olive oil, chilli & fresh coriander. Preferably accompanied with a good brew 👌🏻.

Breakfast reality:

Coffee! I need a good few hours to wake up before devouring food. As much as i'd love to enjoy porridge with fruit or a boiled egg as a general day-to-day breakfast, I don't ever feel quite ready for either at 7am.  




7am ~ I will post on Hero's Instagram. I like to share inspirational posts in the morning because we're all a little tired and need a zing (other than coffee!) to kickstart our days.



7.15-8am ~ I spend on average, about 35 minutes deciding what to wear, before rushing to apply make-up and make my hair look presentable! It's inevitable that just before I leave the house I'll have that 'aha' moment where I decide to change my entire outfit!

Currently relishing my newest, go-to accessory, enhanced by a little leopard print (of course!)


8-8.15am ~ Leave the house (Salisbury) and get chauffeured 💁 to work by my other half, BF, along with Mabel (the pooch).


8.30am ~ Arrive in Stockbridge, attempt to sneak in a coffee at my dad's, before taking Mabel, and my dad's dog, Frank, on a power walk down Stockbridge High street and across to Stockbridge marsh. 



9.15am ~ Quickly refresh, change clothes if need be (because hiking in wedges isn't always appropriate/easy 🙈) and if time, pick up a coffee from Woodfire before heading across to Hero HQ.


(Believe me, writing this down and seeing it in the flesh has already opened my eyes to just how much I need to organise my mornings! I'm always in a rush!)..


9.30-10am ~ I catch up on the previous day's events and orchestrate a plan for the day.  I've found this technique from Monica particularly helpful.

10am ~ I'll initially reply to emails. At the beginning of the week i'll make a start on the upcoming weekend's blog post, fine tune the website; upload any new products and change imagery, plan the week's Hero Edit and so forth. There are usually two of us working in-store so i'm always in the background ready to offer Sarah a helping hand when it gets busy. I love that no two days are the same, however, sometimes this can challenge productivity! 

1pm ~ Time for lunch and a bit of fresh air! Team Hero enjoyed this creation of mine at last week's workshop. See recipe below*



3pm ~ Time for a brew and something sweet. These Madeleine Shaw flapjacks are healthy and delicious ~ what more can you ask for?! (apart from the occasional chocolate fix! 🙊).



5pm ~ I'm a home bird at heart, so can't deny that I love nothing more than heading 'home sweet home' to rustle up dinner, it's like therapy! If we don't head straight home, you'll find me in a pub garden (weather permitting), or occasionally playing tennis if i'm feeling energetic! As we're currently mid 'Wimbledon', naturally, my want to play tennis heightens. I will play a few extra games (culminating in thoughts that I could become a pro' by next year and enter the tournament myself 😂).


Let's be nosy...

3 pantry staples: Chickpeas, fresh pesto, avocado, oh and one more! Red chillies! 

At least once a week I cook: Chickpea, spinach and Quorn curry.

Favourite spot to head for coffee: Too many to mention, but I adore Colonna & Small's for the ultimate coffee indulgence in Bath (one of my favourite cities). 

Favourite place to go with friends near StockbridgeForte Kitchen for brunch, Pi Woodfired for super - Winchester.


Outside of work, I spend most of my time wearing: Wellies, or wedges! 

Current go-to beauty product: 'Balance me' congested skin serum

Favourite cocktail: Espresso martini 

What are your favourite moments of a typical day?
I love being awake when no-one else is. Mabel occasionally wakes in the early hours of the morning and is exceptionally restless, to the point where I can no longer keep my eye balls closed! It seems irrational, but I often take her for a walk, in my pjs no less! (I know, such a great look 🙈, but at 5am I can assure you that my bleary mind isn't fussed!). Most recently I found myself walking in our local park with the sun rising over the hill, birds singing their morning chorus and an overwhelming air of calmness. It's humbling, ordinary moments which I enjoy most.

Other than that rare occasion, it has to be having bath and reading a good book at the end of each day. Currently reading: 'The Unmumsy Mum' which many of you will find hilarious! All I can say is that I guess I want to be more than prepared for years to come! 






When I cook, I roughly judge quantities, so this may seem a little vague but it worked for me!

Serves: 10

1kg Fresh beetroot 
1.05kg Butternut squash
1.6kg Chickpeas
1.5 Cucumbers
1 White/red onion
3 Lemons
400g Feta

1. Peel beetroots and cut into equal sized pieces so they cook evenly.

2. Peel and cut butternut squash into cubes. (I personally buy the pre-cut portions as this is far less time consuming).

3. Lightly drizzle the beetroot in olive oil, season, add thyme sprigs and roughly chopped garlic cloves and roast for about 45 minutes at 160 degrees.

4. Lightly drizzle the butternut squash in olive oil, lightly season and roast for 40 minutes at 160 degrees.

5. In the meantime, drain the chickpeas and dice the cucumber and onion. 

6. Roughly chop the basil and feta so they're ready to add.

7. Once the beetroot and butternut squash have cooled slightly, mix all ingredients together (bar the feta). Drizzle in olive oil and plenty of lemon juice, add seasoning to your taste. 

8. When ready to plate up, use rocket as a base for the salad and lightly drizzle this in olive oil. Evenly spoon everything on top of the rocket before finally sprinkling the diced feta across the salad. 

9. Pop a little cracked black pepper on top before drizzling a little more olive oil (last time, I promise!).



I am always eager to learn of new recipes, so do pop some in the comments below, i'd love to give them a whirl!




Have a lovely day ahead and keep your eyes peeled for AW17 stock, in-store at Hero soon 🙌🏻.


Team Hero xxx


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