How are you fairing with your shopping!? I still have quite a bit to do... a few pressies left to buy and I haven't even thought about wrapping (that's a Christmas eve thing for me with a glass of bubbles or two!). I've also just offered to make the canapés for Christmas day and I think i'm on dessert duty too - very excited to get my chef hat on!

On another note, working at Hero is deadly (is a nice way!), especially as i'm now working in both stores. There are SO many tempting pieces so I thought i'd share the top items on my wish list this year...



D A H L I A H  B I R D  R E D  M A X I  D R E S S - £229





P O L I S H  &  G L O W  G I F T  S E T - £65






K A R L A  L E A T H E R  B O O T S - £165





B A L S A M  &  C E D A R  C A N D L E - £28
(another one because the annex is smelling
divine and I don't want it to stop!)




L A S T  T R U E  A N G E L  C R Y S T A L  &  
O P A L  E A R R I N G S - £20






C A S H M E R E  P O M  P O M  H A T - £75





A  H E R O  G I F T  V O U C H E R 

(available in £25/£50/£100)

Although I organise the events, I would actually really love to attend one myself. We haven't released our new workshops just yet and lots of people have asked about buying their friend or family member a workshop for 2018 - a gift voucher is the perfect way around this! If you'd like to hear news of the 2018 events as soon as they're released, please join the 2018 events community, here.



I'm sure I will be in touch before we close over Christmas, but incase i'm not I want to wish you a super festive break, whatever you're up to - enjoy it! Take some time for you, to relax and unwind. Cheers'ing you a wonderful few weeks! 🍸✨🎄


Emily xx


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