Happy 3rd Birthday, Hero! A snapshot of the past three years, the importance of following your dreams and MAKING those ideas a reality ✨


Last week Hero turned three years old, three?! It's amazing how quickly time passes, yet when you think about what's occurred over a time period, it's incredible how much can be achieved.


Today's post is very much about the importance of following your dream... had Laura not taken those seedling steps (just over three years ago) she wouldn't be beaming in delight of what she's achieved, today, through the highs and the lows.


Dreams are easy to manifest but they don't come about easily. Those initial stages of what ifs; could I? should I? are like the anticipation of Christmas as a child. It's those fledgling steps which can often seem the hardest, where going from thought to practice can seem all too consuming and that voice in your head all of a sudden becomes a sergeant major.


I imagine that many people park their dreams for another time because "today's too manic, i've got X to achieve first". 


Let's be honest though, is there ever a perfect time?


Dreams can and do become a reality to many, each and every day, because people like you and I take those seedling steps one step further and make them a reality. You've just got to believe. . .

Back in 2014, Laura had been a stay at home mum for six years following her initial 'life in the city' job. As rewarding as being a mum was, she felt a missing ying to her yang and sought a different sense of achievement and self fulfilment, for herself.


Laura took that leap of faith and made her dream a reality. . . Follow the evolution of Hero shop over the past three years, below. . .








APRIL 2015
(Hero moved to a new shop three times the size of the original)


MARCH 2017







And this is just the beginning! Exciting news coming soon! ✨






"Do you ever find that you have an idea but there is a stumbling block you have to get over before that idea becomes a reality?

Maybe, although it's tough to admit, that stumbling block is in fact fear.

Three years ago Hero was nothing but an idea. I was so excited that I had found something I wanted to do, but it was still only an idea. The reality bit - that was where the hard work was. It was SCARY!  What if I fail? What if no one likes what I do? I was full of fear - I still am! But I now have a store, a team and a business that I am very proud of. There have been many lessons learnt along the way but in the beginning I took tiny steps and kept moving forwards.

How do you plan to take your ideas and turn them into reality? Making that move from messy brain to physical action is HARD.

If you're on the brink of starting something new, the following 3 steps are things that you can do TODAY to un-muddle those ideas swirling around your head and get taking action. 


1) Create a vision

I know, I know you've heard this loads of times. But thinking about the things you want to experience and how you'd like your dream life to look helps to see the steps you need to take to get there.

2) Write it down

Make it real. Pour everything that is in your head onto paper and see what your idea - or ideas - really look like. Maybe you need to learn some new skills?

3) Take action

Write your first blog post, send an email to a potential supplier, buy the equipment you need. Do something. Sometimes I pretend I'm living my future life and imagine what I would do then which often gives me the confidence to take the action I need to take.





If you'd like more in-depth guidance, Laura is hosting her very own workshop on Friday 10th November, in-store at Hero. . .  

Read all about the workshop, below (there are just 3 places left!)



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