"If you stumble, make it part of the dance" | The importance of staying true to yourself and being mindful of your day-to-day needs


You’ve achieved Monday guys! Be proud of yourselves…..something we should all take time to do more often.


Yesterday's scheduled blog post wasn't meant to be, so here we are today with the reasoning and a few top tips for being mindful of your day-to-day needs, whether that's at work, or home.  





I came across this quote on Pinterest at just the right moment yesterday morning and it instantly made light of how I felt. I paired this image with the following caption to share my exact thoughts via Hero's Instagram...

“Confessions of a Marketing + Events Co-ordinator 🙊 | This sounds a bit serious for first thing on a Sunday, doesn't it!? This week's blog was all ready to go + about 30 minutes ago I had a 'aha' moment when I suddenly realised 'there's a missing piece to the puzzle'! 🙈 So, I do apologise (for my silliness!) but today's scheduled post will go live tomorrow evening instead.” 




It was liberating to divulge exactly what was going on, and that in turn, reduced the panic and anxiety I felt towards not having achieved what i'd set out to do.


Yesterday I realised that I had made a mistake. The word, mistake frequently connotes failure and is often pushed under the carpet, but it’s OK to be honest, to be brave and admit that something didn’t pan out exactly as you had planned it to. 


At Hero we’re great believers that ‘honesty is the best policy’, because we can all relate to reality.

When I was putting together the initial blog post I was too caught up in a moment, I was so fixated on one idea that I forgot to seek the bigger picture. I had so many thoughts going on in my mind that I hadn't fully focused on the concept of the post. However, yesterday morning just before publishing, I suddenly had a ‘aha’ moment and the mist cleared! I had been injecting energy into something unfathomable!


It happens! The key is to make light of situations like these and utilise them as creative diversions. Had I not had that 'aha' moment, I wouldn't be putting together this post. Every cloud!






On reflection today, I have put together some top tips to be mindful of each day (which I think you may appreciate too)...


1. Be honest when assessing what you feel you can accomplish each day. 

2. Set realistic time allocations for tasks.

3. Complete one task at a time. Fully focusing all of your energy into one task should allow for clearer vision.

 4. Talk ideas through with someone else, take that opportunity because they will view things from a different perspective which may spark further creativity.

5. Don't complicate ideas. Trust your gut.

6. Reward yourself because no achievement is too small.

 7. Remember you're only human, you're not programmed as a robot to work constantly. Take mini breaks to regain energy and divert your thoughts so that when you restart you're fresh minded.


I would be grateful if you guys could share a few more mindful tips that I can add to my growing list. What do you find works best for you?




For now, I'm looking forward to exploring the countryside is this glorious sunshine! I hope you all have a fantastic evening...i'm hoping to convince Brett that a BBQ is the best way to end a Monday!


Emily x

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