Introducing MYLO art at Hero

 Something a little new for Hero and boy, are we excited!


We are thrilled to be collaborating with MYLO art to bring a new dimension to your in-store Hero experience.


Whilst Hero is very much a place to buy an accessory or a cashmere jumper to elevate the way you feel about your wardrobe, or, to attend one of our creative or entrepreneurial in-store, ultimately we'd like to think of Hero as a destination. . .


A place where your emotions are heightened because of the scents you smell when you walk in, the music you hear, the tactile materials of the clothes we source and now, an added addition ~ a curation of art. 

As of Thursday 28th September we will be hosting an exciting programme of exhibitions, including paintings, prints and applied arts.


The first exhibition is

“ The Barley Field “

  A collection of contemporary original lino cuts, screen prints, illustrations and paintings, celebrating the abundant beauty of the countryside in its many shapes and forms.




We'd like to introduce you to Kate, the founder of MYLO art...



Kate, tell us how you started Mylo art..

I started up Mylo when my youngest child was 1. There was a pub re opening opposite our house which was undergoing a massive renovation. I was idly chatting to the landlord about how he was going to do the interiors, and offered to help him source some artwork. He didn’t have a budget so I contacted some artists who I used to work with, and asked them if they would loan some artwork as well as sourcing and creating a few other pieces he ended up buying.


I didn’t think that I would return to Art Consultancy, which I had given up when I had my first child, but I enjoyed the project so much, and realised that I still had the knowledge and a certain number of contacts, and it might be something that would work around a young family. It was a friend who then suggested I do a show from my home, and I turned our house into a gallery space for 4 days, filling it with paintings and original prints. I haven’t looked back and I am so grateful to the friend who suggested the show, as that was the spring board for everything.


Have you always worked in art and design?

Yes, I grew up in a very creative family; my mother is a textile artist, my sister is a painter and my brother is a designer. There was no escape! After reading History of Art I wanted to work in the “Arts” and stumbled into a job designing and commissioning art for an Interior Design company. We worked on enormous cruise ships and the projects were quite out there, but a lot of fun. Some of the clients were big collectors, and we were often in the auction houses bidding for Warhols or Renoirs, the next week we would be in China, commissioning marble copies of statues from Versailles. It was a great experience and very creative as well as a bit bonkers!

How would you describe the art that you curate? Do you have a particular style?

The work I show is contemporary. For me a successful collection of art spans all sorts of different genres, medias and styles.

I tend to be drawn to allot of work by artists who have been practising for years and most are professionally trained, but perhaps have only just had the opportunity to start concentrating on their art full time. To say they are emerging artists would not be correct, as some of them have been practising for many years, but I am interested in artists work which is perhaps only just finding an audience, and helping them on their journey. This means that the work has integrity, but for the client, the price will not be inflated.

I love abstract work, and also expressionistic work. I love a painting to hint and suggest at things rather then be straightforwardly representational. I look for a balance of colour but I also love monochrome work. I am always drawn to original prints like lino cuts and screen prints - whose flat chalky surface create a break between paintings - I always include them in my shows.



What do you love most about what you do?

I find it fascinating talking to artists about their work, the origins and influences. I find it very satisfying putting work in front of an audience that would otherwise be hidden in a studio. Artists are not on the whole a very confident bunch, and I do love selling work on their behalf, and finding clients who admire and appreciate their work. Artists are always so delighted that someone wants to hang something they have created on their walls, and it drives them on to continue to create. I really do love that process.

What are the challenges you face running your business?

I have restarted this question so many times - there are countless challenges!!!! Focus and yet keeping your eyes open to new opportunities, keeping work fresh but supporting artists in the long term, being constructively critical of yourself, pushing yourself, organisation….the list goes on….


Just for fun...

How do you take your coffee?
I look forward to a cappuccino mid morning, and an espresso after lunch if I am lucky.

Where is your favourite place to relax?
The bath

What are you reading right now?
Grayson Perrys "The Descent of Man”




The exhibition will be running from Thursday 28th September - Saturday 18th November so do pop in and take a peek at the beautiful curation Kate has put together.

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