How To Bring Hygge Into Spring

Our style may be transitioning from Winter to Spring, with lighter and brighter shades making way their way into our wardrobes, however, this doesn’t mean our sense of cosiness and the need to wrap ourselves up in a blanket with 10 candles burning needs to be forgotten about!

We are almost certain you will have heard about the Danish word and way of life,


But if you haven’t, here is a brief run-down on what it is all about…

"Hygge (pronounced hue-guh) is a word that describes the feelings that you obtain through cosy, charming, and warming moments. Usually, by making a particular moment or event that little bit more cosy and intimate".


For example, sitting on the sofa watching television with your family is an everyday occurrence for most. To make it a Hygge moment, you would all cosy up in blankets, light some candles around the room and perhaps sip on your favourite hot drink. It is generally known as a way to take cold and boring Winter days, and acknowledge and celebrate moments to make the day that little bit more exciting.

But, who says Hygge just needs to be a Winter tradition?


If you’re anything like us at Hero, you’ll love the feeling of being warm and cuddled up all year long, especially on those breezy Summer evenings! So, we’ve decided to come up with some ways of maintaining Hygge throughout the Spring and Summer months.


First things first, we have to discuss candles!


One of our favourite additions to any room in the house, and a staple for any Hygge moment! Over Winter there are several Christmassy and festive themed scents, which as delightful as they are, are just not quite right for Spring. A fresh, uplifting scent embodies a beautiful Spring day, and still does the job of providing warmth and relaxation. At the moment, we are loving our Sevin London White Porcelain Candle, which combines beautiful Amber notes with white Jasmine petals, and that forever comforting hint of Nutmeg.

Over the colder months it’s easy to comfort yourself with food, like pies, stews and soups (the ULTIMATE comfort food). However, in the warmer weather us Brits love a BBQ. So how can we make our British Summertime BBQ’s more Hygge? It isn’t necessarily about the product; it can be about the environment you are in. And we believe that by having all your friends around you, with joyful music and conversation, drinks flowing, and the fire burning, you can achieve the ultimate Hygge moment of content.


As we are all clothing obsessed, it is essential we talk about fashion! Hygge clothing in our eyes, of course involves some beautiful cashmere knitwear, as we must have that comfort and style wrapped into one. We are currently coveting the gorgeous Donna Ida ‘Ahoy There’ Cashmere Jumper, it is 100% cashmere but still gives off spring vibes being crisp white and by having that nautical style. This is perfect for slipping on in the evening when it starts to get a bit chilly!



Chal River Scarf


Scarves are another perfect Hygge wardrobe addition! We all love to wrap ourselves up in big blanket scarves in the Winter, but for Spring and Summer we need something lighter weight. At Hero, we’ve been obsessing over this stunning Ese O Ese Chal River scarf. The vibrant peach shade is ideal for the flowering season and brightening up any outfit. Again, it is fabulous for keeping any summer chills away on those BBQ evenings. A great addition to any Hygge moment.

Please let us know if you have any other suggestions, we’d love to hear them so we can give them a go!

Team Hero x

(All images other than Hero's, are from Pinterest).

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Hygge is a concept that is hard for people who haven’t lived in Denmark. It can be cosy, but is no way confined to this. I’d say it’s more about comfort and feeling comfortable.
A Danish home full of design classics such as an Arne Jacobsen chair, Piet Hein table or PH lamp is a totally modern minimalist space and couldn’t be described as cosy, but if you feel comfortable in this space then it can be the embodiment of hygge.
A gathering of friends, in whose company you are relaxed and at home is also hyggeligt.
In short hygge doesn’t need comfort food, but it does require you to be comfortable.

Danish Pastry June 11, 2017

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