The 5 things we’re doing to get our ‘new year’ underway and the importance of putting yourself first


Well hello September! Although we're almost mid-way through the month (already!?), with our in-store events kickstarting again this week we're feeling all kinds of 'new year' excitement. 



Not only are we enthralled by the continuous deliveries from various brands sending bundles of screech-worthy knitwear (Tricots de lea and Needle, to name a couple) but our in-store events are a cathartic reminder of routine. We love a good old routine here at Hero and although the word routine sounds a little mundane; we make it anything but!



In order to ensure our routines run smoothly we've all been implementing various things within our home and work lives and highly recommend them, should you need a little 'reset'.





We haven't thought crazily outside of the box, however, we certainly feel an extra spring in our steps! Sarah has been providing us with countless potions full of green goodness. Alongside the typical spinach, lemon, lime, avocado and ginger, try adding some organic chlorophyll ✨.  






A MORNING WALK (there's a running theme here!)

Again, not revolutionary and ever so simple, but getting up and out, adding fresh air to your lungs and awakening the senses to the beautiful English countryside is endlessly good for the soul. Emily walks her Cockapoo, Mabel on the Stockbridge marsh every morning and wouldn't be without the quiet time to put things into perspective.





Perhaps a little too organised for some, but mornings with less decision are much easier to navigate! 






...and don't feel guilty for it! It's so important to allow yourself time to breath - join a yoga class, use a meditation app or undertake something creative. We've got a few spaces left on our upcoming Macrame wall hanging workshop.








Allowing yourself time seems like the simplest of tasks but getting round to doing it is a whole other story, right? Do you often put yourself at the bottom of the pile and view the importance of you time quite lightly?. . . always finding something else that needs doing; a space to be tidied, whether it's your computer desktop or the over flowing pile of laundry. But, these things can wait!


When we allow ourselves time to stop and breath we let ourselves go, allow the tension to release and generally find that all of those things that we couldn't quite put our finger on, suddenly come to light. 


Too much pressure isn't productive; it builds up like the air in a balloon and then suddenly BANG! You're back to square one. 


Taking time for you is about rebuilding your energy so that you can attack your next 'to-do' with enjoyment and a clearer mind. 





As we enter one of the busiest seasons of the year at Hero, we are being mindful to take a few moments of pause every now and then to ensure we don't get too ahead of ourselves and subsequently lagging.


Here's to the Autumnal season ahead, we're looking forward to navigating this and the beautiful hues that lay ahead, with you ⭐️


Hero x







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