A mini Hero update + how we're embracing change...


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It's been a while since we updated the blog...we've been very busy in-store so we made a conscious decision to make that our key focus over the past few weeks.


We've become very aware that it's all too easy to get worked up and worried about sticking to schedules, when in reality, it's refreshing to just 'go with the flow'. It's ok to work in circles where the key focuses change over time.


We work in an industry where the needs of you, our lovely customers, constantly evolve and adapt, and as time develops we've only become more aware of this as part of the 'Hero shopping experience'.





Hero is celebrating its 2nd Anniversary (where did that time go?!) and with that there's plenty to celebrate!


As a team we've bonded really well and we've found a rhythm - these things take time and the journey has been full of laughter, understanding, getting to know one another, plenty of support, and a few tears!


Emma Kate Co. A3 print - £40


We always want Hero to be the best it can be, (sometimes that can appear easier than it is without certain processes in place). 'Fluff' can build up and allow you to slightly deviate away from the 'goal', so it's refreshing and cleansing to strip it away, strip it back to what truly matters in order to hone change and keep out stifled creativity.


Do you ever find that you know you need to make changes but 'now' isn't the right time, that they have to happen organically when the time is right? It's all too easy to get caught up in a whirlwind of what 'should be'.


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As most of you will know, Laura recently welcomed her third baby; handsome little Jack. Her maternity leave (albeit relatively short) allowed her to take some time out to refocus; to look at how Hero had evolved over the past 2 years and reassess where she wanted Hero to be over the next year. Her return has been awe inspiring - full of endless bouts of energy, determination and knowledge, and Hero has been transformed all over again!



Hero's change occurred organically, when Laura felt the time was right. Change is a word which connotes many feelings - some of us embrace it, some of us dread it and well, some of us are unsure either way!


 For The Mind - A Few Kind Words



As a team we are so excited for this season, with most of the key changes in place, we can't wait for you to pop-in and see them for yourself! Come and see the new collection of stationery by Papette; gorgeous gifts by For The Mind; unique, fair-trade Moroccan throws, and get lost in cosy cashmere along the way!



In keeping with being a little more realistic, we will now be posting a monthly blog and shortly be initiating a weekly newsletter which we're looking forward to sharing with you.


We'll be in touch again soon!


Enjoy your Sunday evening - hasn't it been a glorious Autumn day?!


Team Hero X


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