As a team, at the end of 2017 we sat down and shared our goals, our ambitions and some words we wanted to put at the forefront of our minds and subsequently lead our actions in 2018.


Throughtout our conversation it became apparent that our lives were a mixture of different whirlwinds - we all had and have a variety of commitments and priorities, but we all had one thing in common - a lack of time ‘to do’.
 Sound familiar?


We made a pact that we would prioritse more time for ourselves this year - it should be easy, right? First thoughts, “yes”, second thoughts “but how do I shift focus on what’s really important to me when often I don't have time?”. 



Make the time you do have as productive as possible -  


As a community we are so busy constantly doing, always in a hurry and consequently we forget to look after No. 1 . As a result we can become anxious, lack enthusiasm for things we typically enjoy and often this can progress to a downward spiral... the type where you can't see the light for the trees although you know it'll reappear eventually.


We want to reduce and oust those downwards spirals and introduce more of a level plateau into our daily lives.

Join us this year in pressing #ResetAndRealign - allow yourself to take things a little slower, embrace and enjoy the little things and prioritise your wellbeing.


Your lifestyle and reassess your priorities - what is important to you this year? Is there something you’ve wanted to get off the ground, or a class you’ve been dying to take up? Allow yourself time to focus on achieving. You have the power to pinpoint where and how you spend your time.




Your day-to-day and your weeks will find subsequently find their own equilibrium - you’ll enjoy your time more and be better focused - it’s a win win! ✔️



✨Step 1: Look at your diary and MAKE time for something you enjoy doing each week - pencil those days in and leave them blank (how liberating and refreshing), or fill them with a few things you’ll enjoy - whether that’s doing something creative, going for dinner with a friend, or simply spending the afternoon reading a book you’ve been craving to read for months. Don’t keep putting things off because seemingly more important things need to be done.


✨Step 2: Ensure you allow yourself this planned time each week and stick to it. Simple. As a result you’ll find yourself more focused and productive. Less is more, right?


✨Step 3: This way of thinking lead us to create a new workshop for 2018 ✨ Learn how to reset and realign your day-to-day life with Rosie in a relaxed half day workshop in the calmness of White Space, Alresford. 



Who’s with us? 🙋🏻We are passionate about working with our community, meeting dream chasers and creative entrepreneurs and would love to follow your journey ✨💛. We’d love you to use the tag #ResetAndRealign across your social platforms and join us in #AYearOfSlow.


Team Hero x

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