At the heart of Hero is a community - fellow creatives sharing their stories and inspiring others. 

Like any community, we bring people together so you can make connections, learn from each other and feel less alone and more supported.

If you're looking for details of the Autumn 2018 workshops - head straight to the sign up here.

When I started out in 2014, I had no experience and no real knowledge of retail, fashion or running my own business but I was curious and determined. 

The Hero Creative Community – a place where I have learned, laughed, felt inspired and been made to feel at home.

Tamsin Burford, Winternational  

I believe in learning on the job, making mistakes and sharing what I've learnt with others. Which is why one of the first things I did when I started Hero was find my people and build this community.

As my experience and knowledge grows, there is nothing more rewarding than sharing my story with you.

the workshops

Each workshop is completely tailored to give you all the tools and inspiration to take your business forward in the direction that feels right for you.

Or it might be you need to strip things back and work out what you truly stand for.

I found it incredibly useful and inspiring. I have come away feeling rejuvenated and positive about my business. 

Emma Moody, Harry & Holly

Whatever you feel you need, I know that you will feel invigorated and energised to get to work on making your business the best it can be and sharing your brand story with confidence.

what's coming next?

I've been running these workshops for over three years now and each season they get better and better as I develop what I've learnt and work out exactly what you need.

Loved it all, the venue ✔️ the content ✔️ the presenters ✔️ 

Helen Orrock

I'm currently working on an exciting roster of workshops for Autumn 2018.

Each workshop is designed to help you find your people and tell your story.

Build your community, connect with your audience and grow your brand.

As soon as I have all the details finalised, you will be the first to know.

You can add your name to the list here or send me a message

I'm really looking forward to hearing your story.