A two hour session with The Bespoke Brand Designer delving deep into what steps to take to create a truly engaging, irresistible Brand Identity that will not only attract the right target audience but that you absolutely love.

Whether you are just setting up and don’t know where to start or you have a brand image but don’t feel it is working and need some direction, this workshop is perfect for you. Cathy has worked with business owners on their brand identities throughout the UK for many years as well as running businesses of her own.

Her philosophy is very much to get to the core of the brand, make sure it represents the business authentically and style it so beautifully that it grabs everyones attention.   

What you will cover:

- What makes up a brand identity
- The importance of really knowing who you are
- Your business values, beliefs and what sets you apart
- Nailing who your target audience are
- How to put it all together
- Styling your brand

A beautiful inspiring venue with coffee, pastries and a chance to get some clarity on your brand identity.

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With The Bespoke Brand Designer

When : Friday 1st March, 10am to 12pm 

Where : Hero Stockbridge