My style

I love great jeans and super soft fabrics - cashmere is my ultimate wardrobe hero. I dream of one day having a capsule wardrobe but until then, I'm obsessed with  'hero pieces' that I can buy now and love forever.

My home

I live a few minutes drive from Hero, in the beautiful Hampshire countryside with my husband James and three children Chloe, Florence & Jack. 

I spend my weekdays juggling my business baby and my real life babies so when it comes to ‘free time’ I’m all about doing as little as possible.

We love snatching moments at the beach - so long as there’s coffee when I get there (a cappuccino with an extra shot, in case you were wondering!).

In March 2018 I did something that changed my life, and became a surrogate mother to my nephew. I have written a little about my experience over on my Instagram and have more articles coming out this year that I shall link to here as and when they are released.

Creative Community

I'm a total business geek and passionate about helping other creatives tell their story and build their brand. It truly fills me up.

You can read more about the Hero creative community and the workshops here.

In 2017, I co-founded Big Small Business with my great friend, Monica Welburn. Big Small Business is a conference, a guiding hand and supportive community for small businesses and entrepreneurs. Our first conference was in April 2017, we are currently working on our second conference for 2019.

I love collaborations and finding new brands that are just the right fit for Hero - please do get in touch if you'd like to work together.

I look forward to meeting you soon and thank you so much for stopping by,


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